22 Mac 2009

Marvellous archaeological

On tuesday the 29th May 2008 there was an article about a coin in the biggest norwegian national 
newspaper, aftenposten, titled ' Fant fra 805' which translates to 'found euro from yr 805'. 

The coin was found in Hurum, about 50 km west of Oslo (less than 10 km from my place) at a new 
construction site. But what was special about this coin other than been from yr 805? 

From the inscription on the coin, the newspaper was fast to call the coin Arabic coin. 
When presented to an archaeology researcher at the university of Oslo , who happened to be a Muslim, 
he saw that the coin was more than just an Arabic coin. 
The inscriptions say 'Bismillah, Laa ilaha illa'llah, wahdahu Laa sharikalak(in Arabic)' . 

Analysis of the coin, showed that it was a silver coin that is dated back to 805 during the reign of 
Khalifa Haroun Rashid, the most known of the Abbasids khalifas. At that time, Norway and Europe was still 
under the grip of the pagan vikings. Trade was already done at that time using Islamic currency all over Europe . 
That's why they called it 'euro from 805'. Europe started monetary union few years ago, something Muslims did 1200 yrs ago. How about that! 

This shows how Muslims were in control of the economy, not only in the Middle East, but Europe and definitely the world. 

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